The consistent application of new techniques characterises our engineering office.

As independent and autonomous engineering office we are at our communal, industrial and private customers' service since 1967. We are your competent contact and are at your disposal with decades of experience during all work phases of surveying, planning and construction supervision. New techniques like 3 D laser scanning are consistently applied by us.

Surveying - an innovative geodetic technique

The measurement technique of 3D laser scanning is a geodetic technique for 3D surveying and photogrammetry, suitable for building surveys, as-built surveys, facade measurement, stone-by-stone measurement, facade mapping, ortho photo map, 3D documentation, as-built documentation, as a basis for mapping and for the documentation of excavations.

Special areas of 3D laser scanning_

We conduct 3D laser scanning especially in the following areas:

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Rendering Model of stone bridge in Regensburg


We face the current requirements in surveying with highly qualified employees and ultra modern surveying techniques.

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Example image of surveying a construction site


For more than 40 years we provide our customers with our experience in the field of planning.

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Example images of a plan

Construction supervision

As the principals right hand we take over the entire range of services of construction supervision.

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Example image of a construction site