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Watch an example of 3D-LaserscanningWe aim at employing the technique which is most suitable for your case of application. Therefore laser scanners with various measuring techniques and fields of application are available in our company. According to the requirements the 3 D laser scanning technique either with pulse duration or phase comparison is employed. Both techniques are used depending on condition, form and size of the object that is to be surveyed.

The survey results in a virtual point cloud. Visually, this point cloud constitutes a greenish-yellow colour and mirrors in every point the reflectance value of the energy beam emitted by the laser. In order to display the object photo-realistically as well, the RGB surface colour is allocated to every measuring point by use of an external camera system.

Watch an example of 3D-LaserscanningThe accuracy of the results depends on the screen width of the 3D laser scan stipulated with you and the respective case of application. Before the realisation we will discuss the case of application with you in detail and optimise the accuracy according to the results you request.

You find more information on the applied measuring technique and the technique of 3D surveying in our publications section.  


We use the following hardware and software:

Laser scanners from Leica Geosystems are available in our company. The scanners differ according to technology and field of application:

  • Leica HDS Scan Station II (pulse duration technique), operating range ca. 5 m – 250 m, direct colouring via integrated digital camera or external camera system, speed ca. 50.000 points/sec.
  • Leica HDS 4500 (phase comparison technique), operating range ca. 0,5 m – 25 m, speed ca. 125.000 points/sec.
  • Leica HDS 6000 (phase comparison technique), operating range ca. 0,5 m – 80 m, speed ca. 450.000 points/sec.


Watch an example of 3D-LaserscanningDepending on the case of application special scanners are used in addition, such as stripe-light scanners or far field scanners up to distances of 1,5 km, which are at our disposal if necessary.

To process the 3D laser scan data we have many specialised software solutions at our disposal. Before the operations begin, our employees will work out the most suitable software solution with you to provide you with the data in the format that suits you best.

Selection of the used software solutions:

  • Leica Geosystems Cyclone
  • Leica Geosystems CloudWorx for Autocad
  • Zoller + Fröhlich Lasercontrol
  • Kubit GmbH Point Cloud for Autocad + Photo Plan
  • Autodesk Civil 3 D
  • Autodesk Architecture
  • Pointools
  • 3ds Max
  • Leica Truview
  • Revit



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