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Our office has decades of experience in building and surveying.



The office was founded in Roßtal in 1967 by Georg Helmreich under whose name the office operated until 2003. During the first years the office mainly dealt with projects of road building, waste water discharge and waste water treatment.


Erwin Christofori joins the management of the office as a partner.


The owner of the office, Georg Helmreich, retires after 35 years of self-employed work and more than 40 years of work as a consulting engineer in civil engineering.

The partner Erwin Christofori and his colleague, Horst Krach, take over the office which from then on operates under the name of “Ingenieurbüro Christofori und Partner”.


3D laser scanning is introduced into the array of services of the office as a new technology. Since the office was founded in 1976 it had been the owner’s constant aim to be able to offer the latest technologies in fulfilling the given tasks.


The office handles Europe-wide projects with 25 highly motivated and qualified employees for customers from the communal, industrial and private sector.


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