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3D laser scanning – an innovative geodetic technique.

Watch an example of 3D-Laserscannings The measurement technique of 3D laser scanning is a geodetic technique for 3D surveying and photogrammetry, suitable for building surveys, as-built surveys, façade measurement, stone-by-stone measurement, façade mapping, ortho photo map, 3D documentation, as-built documentation and serves as a basis for mapping and for the documentation of excavations.

By use of a laser beam objects of all kinds are contactlessly and three-dimensionally scanned point by point. Depending on the employed laser scanner the object can be surveyed with up to 500.000 points/sec. Due to a freely selectable screen width in the range of millimetres very complex details and irregular forms can be captured and three-dimensionally surveyed on a scale of 1:1.

Watch an example of 3D-LaserscanningsBy the use of contact-free measuring objects which are usually difficult to access or facilities under ongoing operation can also be surveyed. The maximum distance from the measuring device to the measured object can amount to 250m. Optionally, the surface condition can be documented during the measuring process by means of an integrated digital camera or external camera systems.

As measurement result a point cloud is produced, which in itself consists of several million single coordinates. The point cloud can be transferred into any coordinate system. 2D plans, digital object models or visualisations can be derived from the measurement result. The delivery to milling machines and 3D printers for the creation of replicas is also possible.

Watch an example of 3D-LaserscanningsOur qualified and motivated teams carry out the surveys and process the data into the requested form.

Fields of application of 3D lasers scanning:
The fields of application of 3D laser scanning are diverse and require a detailed coordination of the object that is to be surveyed, the surveying techniques, the time frame and the requested results before the realisation of the survey.

Our office currently employs the technique of 3D laser scanning successfully in the following areas:

  • Historic Preservation/Architecture
  • Churches
  • Accompanying archaeological documentation
  • Bridges and engineering structures
  • Visualization/Animation
  • Mining/Surface Mining/Geology
  • Industry and Plant Surveying
  • Special Site Surveys


You have other cases of application for a contact-free measurement? Please contact us! Our experienced team will work out the ideal a solution for you!


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