The district principal town of Weißenburg runs a cultural and event centre in the former Carmelite Monastery Church. The church, which was built in the 13th century, is a building that coins the townscape at the upper market place in Weißenburg.

A baroque stuccoed ceiling with frescos overstretches the great function room. Due to changes and subsidences at the building deformations occur at the supporting ceiling structure and at the ceiling itself. Damages ensue. A complete 3D laser scan of the building with true-to-deformation plans in sections and ground plans was conducted and a detailed recording of the ceiling as three-dimensional point cloud and as coloured, straightened photo was devised.

The Protestant constituency St. Sebald ordered the surveying of the exterior façades of St. Sebaldus Church by use of 3D laser scanning to create a visualisation of the historic state of construction.

In cooperation with the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments a 3D visualisation with the depiction of the different states of construction between 1225 and 2007 was devised.

The following year a surveying of the ground plan of the church was conducted by use of 3D laser scanning, thereby the entire ground floor area of the church could be captured within 12 working hours.

Details and the documentation of the works can be viewed at

As a basis for the restoration planning and the documentation of the state of construction a 3D laser scan of the entire church façades including the tower and an interior survey of the tower was conducted.

This was processed into true-to-deformation plans, a façade atlas and detailed plans as a basis for the documentation of the condition of the building.

For the eastern choir of St. Laurence’s Church in Nuremberg a laser scan of the interior was conducted, a true-to-deformation survey of the interior was devised with a stone-by-stone single line display of the entire natural stone façades.


As a basis for the restoration of St. Matthew’s Church in Wiesenthau the creation of a true-to-deformation survey was necessary. The exterior was analysed as a stone-by-stone display.

The whole recording of the data was carried out by use of 3D laser scanning, which served as a basis for view drawings, ground plans and sectional drawings for the restoration plan as well as for the redesign of the interior.


Project List

  • Heilsbronn, Monastery Church
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Tower Hospital Church
  • Regensburg, Cathedral, interior choir/crossing
  • Bad Windsheim, Choir church
  • Zirndorf, St. Rochus Church
  • Arnhem, Netherlands, Eusebiuskerk

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