Within the scope of funds from the urban financial support the city of Langenzenn intends to redevelop the Martin-Luther Platz next to the former monastery church in Langenzenn. In cooperation with the commissioned architectural office P 4 a three-dimensional visualisation of the new construction was created, which was then connected with the 3D laser survey (coloured point cloud) and processed into a video animation.


By order of the city of Heilsbronn a survey of the surroundings of the Minster in Heilsbronn was conducted by use of terrestrial laser scanning.

For the planned restructuring a three-dimensional modelling of the design options was created by the architectural office KJS+ from Erlangen. These were then visualised and presented in combination with the point cloud of the existing surroundings. This was done in the context of public participation and as basis for decision-making for the committees of the city of Heilsbronn.

Due to the combination of the 3D planning model and the point cloud of the as-built situation it was for the first time possible to present an ideal decision guidance to the citizens and the city councils concerning the submitted options.

To create a visualisation of the historic state of construction the Protestant congregation St. Sebald commissioned the survey of the exterior façades of St. Sebaldus Church by use of 3D laser scanning.

In cooperation with the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments a 3D visualisation with a display of the different states of construction between 1225 and 2007 was elaborated.

The following year a survey of the floor plan of the church was conducted by use of 3D laser scanning, thereby the whole ground floor are of the church building could be recorded within 12 working hours.

Details and the documentation of the works can be viewed at www.cyark.org.

Project List:

  • Uehlfeld, visualisation new valley bridge
  • Zirndorf, redevelopment of market place
  • Eßleben, new building of church organ
  • Langenzenn, redevelopment upper market
  • Roßtal, visualisation contribution to a competition new building of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Heilsbronn, model of the old town

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