Contentpictures - Surveying


We face the current demands in surveying with highly qualified employees and the latest surveying technology.

Project Surveying

  • Location plans and contour maps
  • Contour lines
  • Mass calculations
  • Profile measurements
  • Route survey


Construction Surveying

  • Accurate and rough setting-out
  • Center-to-center specifications
  • Route mappings
  • Measurings
  • As-built surveys (water/waste water/supply lines of all kinds)
  • Assemblage setting-out accompanying the construction


GPS Satellite Surveying

  • Location and level networks
  • Calculation of levels and coordinates of fixed points, buildings, conduits, pipelines etc...


GIS Geo Information Systems

  • Sewer surveys
  • Conduits serveys
  • Shaft cadastre/sewer cadastre/conduit cadastre
  • As-built surveys at the end of constructions
  • Build-up and administration of geo information systems
  • Conduit maps


As-built Documentation/Building Survey

  • Surveys true-to-deformation
  • Floor plans
  • Vertical sections
  • Front views
  • Terrestrial laser scanning

Control and Supervision Surveys

  • Settlement surveys
  • Sagging surveys
  • Strain surveys
  • Deformation surveys
  • Monitoring survey


Paper Survey

  • Plot division


Industrial Survey

  • Structural steel work survey
  • Facility survey
  • Industrial survey
  • Deformation surveys
  • Terrestrial 3D laser scanning


Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning

  • True-to-deformation survey
  • Architectural survey
  • Stone by stone survey
  • 3D models
  • Reconstructions
  • Accompanying archaeological documentation


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